Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kanxiang FALSIFYING Blackhand three swords

On the issue of changing commodity marketing of really in a voluminous, too numerous to mention, but the market's complaints despite repeated prohibitions, does not seem to heal cure. Many experts, for packaging, selling products to increase capacity, and even interfere with the mobilization functions and other methods are not very effective, I would like to elaborate on the plight of the Minister Liu enterprises FALSIFYING the most common events in several ways, and to express their point of view.

First improve the company's internal management systems and sales processes and assessment system in establishing a reasonable salary bonus allocation and process management system; also severely punish those who violate, in serious cases be dismissed. This rationalization of the marketing ideas from the inside, thus avoiding to sales of Hero of the one-sided examination system so that its own sales force focused on the foundation for the market, the solid foundation for the work, to avoid speculation had poor sales the idea of breeding. Marketing from the practice of the author's eight years, 60% of events and changing commodity market managers and local leaders are, therefore a system get to the root, can fundamentally solve the problem lay a good foundation.

Second, starting from the production and logistics links, good mark management, regardless of size of the enterprise as long as the emphasis many ways not very complicated. For example, many enterprises due to bar code identification system such as traffic conditions and inventory caught, play a limited role, but can be produced for each region a special tag, printed on the packaging of the Department conspicuous, such as A, Blue 1, B District Red 1 number, etc., at the same time-intensive to manage the distribution of controlled market, large orders for separate tags. In terms of packaging specifications, capacity, as the number of articles, such as the marking is not affordable. General products, particularly FMCG single-box high profits are not too cumbersome FALSIFYING behavior is not going to happen. If the high profits it would have a single product in each product bar code identification system established on, or there is no shortcut.

The third as the company's leadership should be a deep insight into the reasons for changing commodity occurs, the right remedy, and can identify a strategy for changing commodity complaint or complaints in order to facilitate the management of the market. For instance, some distributors to clear the channels against competitive products, competitive products purchased from the adjacent market dealer rebate discount products, and their products with sales, competition from cheap goods stores selling the product at high prices to stay competitive. At the same time competing goods dealers in this area are based on the same purpose or to take retaliatory measures, to do the same thing, to then double-play, leading to complaints from their dealers their own agent manufacturers, hoping to strengthen market management, block the source. This FALSIFYING is caused by vicious competition, management is more difficult, in addition to links in the system and strengthen the management, the management of the dealer is also one of the topics can not be ignored. There is also a must guard against the "scam" type of dealer usual trick, often to the month rebate, quarterly rebate, even in rebate on the eve, able to fulfill the target of complaints from manufacturers to dealers always have FALSIFYING incident, some edge result of regional natural logistics, what is more area to collect more packaging, the purpose of sales can be one able to fulfill the manufacturer's understanding, and thus does not affect the loss of its rebate; II lay the foundation for their FALSIFYING and excuses. This little trick to distinguish between inappropriate and changing commodity management is very negative effect, will result in imitation of the ancient card domino effect after another, disrupting the manufacturer's attention, but also waste a lot of energy.

In short hope Liu Minister pay attention to market management, and can distinguish between the substance and changing commodity source, start from scratch, strict enforcement and implementation of the reward system, in fact, not changing commodity no cure for.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Using FrontPage in a picture on the production of multiple hyperlinks

When browsing the pictures in the pages of the different positions by pressing the left mouse button, then it will connect to a different page, the results are good right? FrontPage 2002 provides a very easy to make in a picture on the production of multiple hyperlinks tools, use the mouse to drag the picture, we can directly image is divided into many different regions and create several super-links.

1, please open a new page, then click on the toolbar's "Insert file picture" button.

2, in the "Picture" dialog box to search themselves to insert a picture (click on "View" choose the right side of the triangle, "preview" window in the preview below to view the pictures you want to choose), the selected picture on the last point " Insert. "

3, after the return to the main editing screen, insert the picture in the left mouse button click, this time around will be pictures surrounded by eight points up at the same time, the picture will appear below the "Photo toolbar." Sometimes, the "picture toolbar" will not pop up, select the menu "View 鈫?Toolbars 鈫?Picture", you can let the "picture toolbar" appears.

4, in the "picture toolbar" the right of use can be found in our operation to the Tools button, they are "rectangular hot spots," "round hot spots." We directly select "rectangular hot spots" button to set the rectangular active region.

5, Tap "rectangular hot spots" button to create a hyperlink directly in the area on a picture hold down the left mouse button, then drag the surplus until the scope of the link region in line with our vision of the region size, then release the left mouse button end of the regional setting. If the point is "circular hot spot" button, the starting point should be on the hyperlink to the selected region at the center circle.

6, immediately following the pop-up "Create Hyperlink" dialog box, you can directly select or enter we want to hyperlink, the web site, then click "OK" button to close the "Create Hyperlink" dialog window.

7, according to the methods described in steps 5-6, other regions in the image to join other hyperlinks. After opening this page, when we move the mouse pointer over the link area on each image, the mouse pointer will change to "finger" shape, means that we have successfully built an image on a number of hyperlinks .


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The budget system is inadequately prepared elder Wu

If you do not take the budget, not only with the approval of the financial sector when a kind of pressure, but also in the degree of freedom on the IT sector was limited. So for the budget system, the elder Wu inadequately prepared, it is not long to consider their own enterprise information on key issues.

Elder Wu to solve the problem now can be from several aspects:

1. Popularity on. From this case we see elder Wu is a good use of interpersonal relationships, so long as this problem, following the successful resolution is no problem.

2. Institute of Financial Forecast. In the present enterprise CIO to have a lot of business knowledge, not only of his own department, other departments, the elder Wu CFO should learn how to plan their own department's revenue and expenditure, accounts will know the heart has to understand how to handle money.

3. Rational use of group resources, hardware and software management in place. For the use of resources list of elder Wu should have a system, such as the number of companies each department computers, each computer when configured in a useful time since you can use, if not to buy any further cause to waste?

4. For now eager to solve the problem - branch collaboration between the business data, elder Wu in the current context of limited resources, might find a outsourcing company to do it, first, relatively low price of outsourcing, the second is the time urgent needs can be slow, as long as the end of the year can also apply to next year's expenses, so that next year's budget can be drawn from the difference between the funds.

But the elder Wu must be able to budget is reasonable, then, first, the resources for the group to use their hearts to this account, make rational use of resources. Second, the development of enterprises to keep pace, even more than the pace of business. Good at learning new knowledge, the development of enterprises to solve real problems. Third: people, financial, and material overall planning, rational use. Fourth: go out, and the IT companies or experts communicate.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

"Blue screen" hardware reasons and solutions

The process of using the computer, often encounter a blue screen situation. For beginners speaking, if a computer disaster is like a loss. In fact, if we can understand the reason not afraid after. The reasons causing the computer blue There are many reasons for the overall hardware can be summarized as follows:

First, the screen display system is busy, press any key to continue ... ...

1, the virtual memory system of multi-tasking computing error caused

WINDOWS system virtual memory is a unique solution to the lack of system resources, which generally require the primary boot hard disk free space is 2-3 times the physical memory. Some enthusiasts to take full advantage of space, will own hard drive stuffed full, busy mind the WINDOWS the harsh requirements. A result, hard drive space for virtual memory and computing error occurred, so the blue screen. Very easy to solve this problem, try not to plug the hard drive very full, and should always delete some system to produce temporary files, 浜ゆ崲 file, thus releasing Kong Jian. Or you can manually configure the virtual memory, select Advanced, the default virtual memory address, the next logical drive to the other. This could be avoided due to lack of virtual memory due to blue screen.

2, CPU overclocking result in operation errors

Overclocking is commonplace for the fans, so overclocking caused by a variety of fault also be ruled out. Overclocking on its own is based on the completion of the original higher performance, but as a result of overloading operation, resulting in too much of its internal operations, to CPU overheating, causing the system operator error. Some CPU's overclocking performance is better, such as INTEL Celeron processors and AMD-K6-2 processor, fairly good, but sometimes some strange errors. (For example: I have tried to INTEL Celeron 300A, overclocked to 450 in, the floppy drive in the absence of receiving an order, to read the disk operation). To less than 200 CPU INTEL and AMD-K5's overclocking ability is not so good. Proposed high-end CPU to overclocking, then the heat must be fully, preferably a big fan installed, together with some thermal material like silica gel. As for some low-end CPU I suggest you better not overclocking, and so that overclocking not produce the desired results and often appear blue affect the normal speed of the computer.

Second, of the memory are not compatible or damage caused by operator error

At this time the most intuitive phenomenon, because this phenomenon often see when a boot is simply not start the computer, the screen prompts a memory problem, ask if you want to continue. This error is caused by physical damage to the memory or the memory is not compatible with other hardware caused. Only this time had changed his additional memory.
Third, read the disk drive in the Open Centre at the time was non-normal

This phenomenon is in the drive is reading data, due to open the misoperation caused by a blue screen. This issue does not affect the system working properly, as long as another bomb into the CD or press ESC key you can.

These are I encountered in the maintenance of the computer causes blue screen of several reasons, perhaps there will be some other strange problems cause the computer to blue screen. Anyway, after experiencing such problems should first carefully analyze the cause of the problem, and then addressed.

4, the hardware too much free space is too small or debris

As the running Win9X need for virtual memory, hard drive, which requires a certain degree of free hard disk space must be preserved to ensure normal operation of the program. In general, the minimum should ensure that more than 100MB of space, or a "blue screen" may be related to the hard disk free space is too small. In addition, the hard disk of debris too easily lead to "blue screen" appearance. Therefore, from time to time carry out a defragmentation is necessary.

5, system hardware conflict

This phenomenon led to a "blue screen" is relatively common. Frequently encountered in practice is the sound card or video card settings conflict. In the "Control Panel" 鈫?"System" 鈫?"Device Manager" to check whether there is a yellow question mark or exclamation mark devices, such as there can try to simply delete it and restart the computer automatically adjusted by the Win9X, generally can be solved problem. If it does not work, can be adjusted manually or upgrade the appropriate driver.


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PC redemption

With the proliferation of connected devices and functions, the network will be complex and may not be used, but this may give the PC opportunity.

The rise of the Internet is not the result of idealism, but the utilitarian outcome.

Why should we think of the Internet it is no more than a few reasons: send and receive mail, browse news, chat, communication, games, entertainment.

The end of the traditional e-mail message, because it is free of charge; browse news is free, so we do not buy on the net overstated; chat communication is not only free, you can hide themselves, and even gender are hidden .

We are so keen on the Internet, the greatest power is to save money. Google in particular, the successful business model, even the desire to stimulate such a utilitarian may unprecedented.

The Internet is the Terminator PC

Google told Internet users: If you are satisfied that everything is free.

It advocates free software, especially Internet software features, such as desktop search, maps, photo management, Internet phone, Google to provide users with dozens of software, most of them are free. This free Linux and other open source and free software there are some small differences: Google's software easier to use and more easily accepted by users. This is a commercial company to provide the advantages of free software is unmatched by private forces.

This seemed "very Lei Feng" business model, actually was a great success.

In addition to this business model has brought unprecedented prosperity of the Internet, but also lead to a by-product: PC days of being squeezed very sad.

Individuals can share great strides to increase Internet bandwidth, and also expand people's imagination, some people feel that we can no longer spend money on software, and online a lot of software is free, and can replace existing paid product. What is more, there are beginning to offer online software services free of charge. Microsoft and some companies have such plans, is one of them.

If one day, what we need to functionality, as long as even the Internet can be buttoned, then the PC before we need to continue to follow Moore's Law to dance?

At that time, PC becomes a man and a simple interface between the Internet, the interface only in the display and I / O, do better on the line, do not need to install the software locally to provide higher computing capacity. Back to the Internet server to do such a good, PC will become the Piece of Computer, a "tablet" computer only.

This is not much worry about PC, it has become almost suffering from PC.

Look beyond the PC into the 21st century market, you may find: Moore's Law, while continuing to run, but has been unable to end-users the choice to play a decisive role. Users now have the attention of the processor frequency from PC to PC and transfer the number on the links on the Internet, more technology transfer to the genius of the intellectual as P2P, Internet applications such as data mining, rather than to improve processor frequency on. This is also one of the things Intel is quite depressing.

Things helpless, PC does favor the.

If the last century fairly PC-century, then this century is certainly the Internet century.

So, it was said, PC will be the end of the Internet. Really true?

PC forced revolution

If the PC concept is not revolutionary changes, PC will definitely be the end of the Internet.

However, the good news is, PC concept indeed revolutionary changes, and changes in the erosion of power precisely from the Internet.

As the Internet becomes ubiquitous, wireline, wireless, mobile internet will cover the three devices all around us, including the current PC, mobile phone, PDA, digital home appliances, and even automotive electronics, intelligent buildings, these devices are in some way To facilitate our lives, nearly all other equipment not be replaced, just like you can never put the same laptop as mobile phones.

Because so many devices also are connected to the Internet, equipment, information sharing and communication between the important and complex it becomes. For example, as a first-time user, you will be difficult to solve in just a few minutes between phone and laptop computer with Bluetooth communications.

In fact, the existence of the network, leading to the necessary link between the device and then as the necessary contacts, leading to complex results: very easy to use. This is completely contrary to the original purpose of the network: The network could have been more convenient to exist.

This time, PC to do the concept of an adjustment, PC will not be a Personal Computer (or PC), which became a Personal Computing (that is, personal computing), personal computing is not necessarily dependent on a PC, but often may depend on on a PC, a cell phone, a digital home appliances to work together, and even may include a network of elevators.

If you can connect these devices, like PC-accessories, as seamlessly connect into a "virtual PC machine," then things will become much simpler.

At this time, how to coordinate the work between these devices will become important and complex, depend only on the current network connection is not enough. If you can connect these devices, like PC-accessories, as seamlessly connect into a "virtual PC machine," then things will become much simpler.

This has nothing to do with the network connection, that is, PC motherboards and processors, machine parts is the connection between the physical hardware connection, the future that Taiwan's "Virtual PC machine" and "accessories" (PC, cell phones, digital household appliances, etc.) is the logical connection software. This connection, if you can connect as seamlessly as the realization of PC accessories, will greatly simplify our use of these devices. Then, whether we do anything, in the face of all would be "a device", rather than the current multiple machines.

How, then, without reliance on the premise of the network to achieve this seamlessly connect?

One solution is to develop a device can run on all the "universal operating system", Windows CE seems to have this potential, but the reality was far worse. This "universal system" although certainly effective, but will certainly face many standards-compliant and market competition, from a wide range of market trends, this program is not convincing.

Another solution is to develop a "machine Esperanto", both devices were used by the operating system, application software, between them, "said the language" is mutual understanding. Currently, there are already some ready-made "quasi" Esperanto machine, such as Java, etc.. But not enough, it can not be considered inclusive synthesizer.

Sure there will be a third and better programs, and, PC revolutionary machine pace, just before the software and the hardware ready.

Mass manufacturing to save PC

Let us say the large-scale manufacture of the electronics industry for the mass manufacturing, mass manufacturing absolutely follow the basic principle of quantitative change to qualitative change.

With the maturity of mass manufacturing, PC hardware costs will become very low, especially in the hard disk or other storage media costs will be greatly reduced. Research institutions figures show: 1 U.S. dollar can now buy 1GB hard disk storage space, 10 years later, you can buy the 1TB hard disk storage space.

The significant reduction in storage costs, and create a number of previously not imagine the possibilities: you can now segment their own lives every moment are electronically recorded, if Cunchuzhiliang Wei a DVD of the day, each person's lifetime record of the Space does not account for more than 73TB. Accordance with the above prediction is likely to achieve a single PC.

Now conversely, if all of your information is stored in a PC hard drive, you need anytime, anywhere access to a network server, the information you do.

If this PC has 1000TB hard disk space, it will be like a black hole, "recorded absorption" of all your contacts and related information, never need to delete any messages - it seems it is the slogan of Gmail. However, it may be more convenient than Gmail because you are in the local store.

As noted above, the reason why the Internet is now the end of a lot of PC functions, as the result of utilitarianism, that user in order to reduce the cost of which seeks profit mentality of success using the Internet. If this factor is the cost of mass manufacturing are becoming very small, users will continue to alienate PC? PC users will regain favor with it? Especially when the PC into a broad "virtual PC" when.

This is a suspense.

Nevertheless, PC will no longer be the original PC.

(Wang Jian, senior researcher for Microsoft Research Asia)

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

C language library function (K class letters)

Function name: kbhit
Function: check the current key pressed
Usage: int kbhit (void);
Program example:
# Include

int main (void)
cprintf ("Press any key to continue:");
while (! kbhit ()) / bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware do nothing backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /;
cprintf ("rnA key was pressed ... rn");
return 0;

Function name: keep
Function: quit and continued presence
Usage: void keep (int status, int size);
Program example:

/ *** NOTE:
This is an interrupt service routine. You
can NOT compile this program with Test
Stack Overflow turned on and get an
executable file which will operate
correctly. Due to the nature of this
function the formula used to compute
the number of paragraphs may not
necessarily work in all cases. Use with
care! Terminate Stay Resident (TSR)
programs are complex and no other support
for them is provided. Refer to the
MS-DOS technical documentation
for more information. backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
# Include
/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware The clock tick interrupt backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
# Define INTR 0x1C
/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware Screen attribute (blue on grey) backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
# Define ATTR 0x7900

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware reduce heaplength and stacklength
to make a smaller program in memory backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
extern unsigned _heaplen = 1024;
extern unsigned _stklen = 512;

void interrupt (* oldhandler) (void);

void interrupt handler (void)
unsigned int (far * screen) [80];
static int count;

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware For a color screen the video memory
is at B800: 0000. For a monochrome
system use B000: 000 backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
screen = MK_FP (0xB800, 0);

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware increase the counter and keep it
within 0 to 9 backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
count + +;
count% = 10;

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware put the number on the screen backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
screen [0] [79] = count +''0''+ ATTR;

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware call the old interrupt handler backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
oldhandler ();

int main (void)

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware get the address of the current clock
tick interrupt backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
oldhandler = getvect (INTR);

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware install the new interrupt handler backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
setvect (INTR, handler);

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware _psp is the starting address of the
program in memory. The top of the stack
is the end of the program. Using _SS and
_SP Together we can get the end of the
stack. You may want to allow a bit of
saftey space to insure that enough room
is being allocated ie:
(_SS + ((_SP + Safety space) / 16) - _psp)
backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
keep (0, (_SS + (_SP/16) - _psp));
return 0;

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

adsl how to do frequent dropped calls

The author of the ADSL Modem for the Shida 2110EHR V4.5 (Dailu You), and has been achieved through its four machines to share Internet access. Recently, ADSL Modem started very frequently dropped calls. Broadband ADSL Modem connected through after a few minutes, can not open the page, Ping NIC address, no response, ADSL Modem dropped. Reopen ADSL Modem few minutes later, again dropped, so the cycle.

Failure Analysis

Under normal circumstances, ADSL Modem dropped several reasons: line quality issues, ADSL Modem and the flow of excessive heat problems.

First check the line, and ADSL connected phone call clarity, no noise, wiring is also right around there is no high-frequency electrical equipment, ADSL Modem boot process (including dropped later), the indicator is also normal, so rule out the line quality problems. Second, when the discovery of ADSL Modem dropped immediately test its temperature, feeling slightly hot, temperature normal. Since it connects four computers, so unplug the computer to connect with other three, leaving only one line, fault still, this may exclude the amount of traffic caused by the possibility of failure.

Is ADSL Modem own routing problem. I configure the program, the ADSL Modem is set to dial-up, and then carried out by the computer dial-up Internet access, everything is normal. Is it bad ADSL Modem for routing? At this point I found the software firewall is constantly alert. Showed multiple IP continues to connect the 135,445,2745,6129 other ports. I finally found the cause of the malfunction, the original time when the Internet by routing, public network (Internet) of the IP address is bound together with the ADSL Modem, the absence of open NAT (network address translation), the external connection requests to this address in fact the role of the above in ADSL Modem, ADSL Modem during data transmission, routing time is running at full capacity, when faced with a large number of connection requests, the computing power will be insufficient to result in dropped calls.


First, your computer's IP address with the ADSL Modem's IP address set in the same network segment. Then enter the ADSL Modem's Web management page. Click on the page "Services" in the "NAT" option, select "Enable" and click "submit" button. Then click the page in the drop-down menu, select "NAT Rule Entry", then click the page "Add" button to add NAT rules will pop up a window, in the "Rule Flavor" column select "BIMAP". In the "Rule ID" column, fill in an ID than the existing rules, large numbers on the line (to ensure that this rule is the last rule, the old rules do not change), in the "Local Address" column casually enter a LAN There is no address, then click the "submit" button.

Finally, back to the home page Web administration page, click on "Admin 鈫?Commit & Reboot 鈫?Commit" save your changes, then click "Reboot" to restart the ADSL Modem.

After such a setting, adsl frequent dropped calls never happened ADSL Modem disconnection phenomenon, thus, failure to resolve. Above is essentially the original role of the ADSL Modem to the LAN connection requests transfer station does not exist in a computer, it can reduce the burden of ADSL Modem, the Internet really will not affect the computer.


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