Monday, September 27, 2010

"Blue screen" hardware reasons and solutions

The process of using the computer, often encounter a blue screen situation. For beginners speaking, if a computer disaster is like a loss. In fact, if we can understand the reason not afraid after. The reasons causing the computer blue There are many reasons for the overall hardware can be summarized as follows:

First, the screen display system is busy, press any key to continue ... ...

1, the virtual memory system of multi-tasking computing error caused

WINDOWS system virtual memory is a unique solution to the lack of system resources, which generally require the primary boot hard disk free space is 2-3 times the physical memory. Some enthusiasts to take full advantage of space, will own hard drive stuffed full, busy mind the WINDOWS the harsh requirements. A result, hard drive space for virtual memory and computing error occurred, so the blue screen. Very easy to solve this problem, try not to plug the hard drive very full, and should always delete some system to produce temporary files, 浜ゆ崲 file, thus releasing Kong Jian. Or you can manually configure the virtual memory, select Advanced, the default virtual memory address, the next logical drive to the other. This could be avoided due to lack of virtual memory due to blue screen.

2, CPU overclocking result in operation errors

Overclocking is commonplace for the fans, so overclocking caused by a variety of fault also be ruled out. Overclocking on its own is based on the completion of the original higher performance, but as a result of overloading operation, resulting in too much of its internal operations, to CPU overheating, causing the system operator error. Some CPU's overclocking performance is better, such as INTEL Celeron processors and AMD-K6-2 processor, fairly good, but sometimes some strange errors. (For example: I have tried to INTEL Celeron 300A, overclocked to 450 in, the floppy drive in the absence of receiving an order, to read the disk operation). To less than 200 CPU INTEL and AMD-K5's overclocking ability is not so good. Proposed high-end CPU to overclocking, then the heat must be fully, preferably a big fan installed, together with some thermal material like silica gel. As for some low-end CPU I suggest you better not overclocking, and so that overclocking not produce the desired results and often appear blue affect the normal speed of the computer.

Second, of the memory are not compatible or damage caused by operator error

At this time the most intuitive phenomenon, because this phenomenon often see when a boot is simply not start the computer, the screen prompts a memory problem, ask if you want to continue. This error is caused by physical damage to the memory or the memory is not compatible with other hardware caused. Only this time had changed his additional memory.
Third, read the disk drive in the Open Centre at the time was non-normal

This phenomenon is in the drive is reading data, due to open the misoperation caused by a blue screen. This issue does not affect the system working properly, as long as another bomb into the CD or press ESC key you can.

These are I encountered in the maintenance of the computer causes blue screen of several reasons, perhaps there will be some other strange problems cause the computer to blue screen. Anyway, after experiencing such problems should first carefully analyze the cause of the problem, and then addressed.

4, the hardware too much free space is too small or debris

As the running Win9X need for virtual memory, hard drive, which requires a certain degree of free hard disk space must be preserved to ensure normal operation of the program. In general, the minimum should ensure that more than 100MB of space, or a "blue screen" may be related to the hard disk free space is too small. In addition, the hard disk of debris too easily lead to "blue screen" appearance. Therefore, from time to time carry out a defragmentation is necessary.

5, system hardware conflict

This phenomenon led to a "blue screen" is relatively common. Frequently encountered in practice is the sound card or video card settings conflict. In the "Control Panel" 鈫?"System" 鈫?"Device Manager" to check whether there is a yellow question mark or exclamation mark devices, such as there can try to simply delete it and restart the computer automatically adjusted by the Win9X, generally can be solved problem. If it does not work, can be adjusted manually or upgrade the appropriate driver.


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